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  • Cuddly dolphin

    The cuddly


    Sea dwellers are high up the popularity scale with a lot of cats. And your purring pal will certainly be in no hurry to give up this cute velveteen dolphin with our protective valerian root and cotton wool fleece filling. The handy shape of the Cuddly Dolphin and...

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  • Cuddly Cushion


    Cuddly Cushion

    Small but fine – and with an irresistible aroma of valerian. Our cotton wool Cuddly Cushion ensures long hours of enjoyment sniffing and playing. Because of the soft filling and manageable size it can be seized between the paws, played with and licked or taken to be cuddled...

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  • Play Roll valerian

    Play roll


    Great fun for great hunters. 'House tigers' large and small alike will have fun with the big Play Roll from our "wildlife edition" in an attractive imitation animal fur design and will without doubt put the roll through its paces with all four paws.

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  • XXL Soft Cuddly Cushion with Rustling Effect

    With rustling effect

    XXL Soft Cuddly Cushion

    Something's rustling! This XXL rustling cushion with the five cute embroidered 4cats paws is particularly suitable for those cats who love soft sounds. The sewn on rustling paper is in contrast to normal crackling film very gentle and does not frighten even the most...

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to 4cats

No matter whether large or small, old or young, pedigree or non-pedigree cat, sprightly predator or quiet cuddly cat, valerian as well as catnip are irresistible for most cats.

Our wide range offers valerian toys to suit every cat and every taste, from cute and cuddly to extremely sturdy toys which can withstand even the wildest playtime.

4cats valerian toys are freshly filled and packed in Germany and contain pure natural valerian root. The root's intense aroma is stimulating for cats and encourages your 'house tiger' to play with the toy hour after hour. For the production of our 4catsnip Toys we use the same procedure.

Our production relies on carefully-selected non-hazardous raw materials and robust, long-lasting and secure processes involving no glues, plastics, metal parts or components that could fall off or be swallowed.

Pamper your cat with one of the fancy 4cats toys' valerian treats or surprise them with our new 4catsnip Toys. Your 'house tiger' is sure to thank you with a twinkle in its eyes.

Catnip & valerian

We at 4cats are a leading producer of valerian toys worldwide and are very careful to deliver valerian toys of excellent quality to our customers.

Our valerian toys are top quality, versatile, safe and tried an tested

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Our valerian toys have been prepared by hand to an unchanged formula and freshly filled and packed in Germany for 30 years.

However, we do not see our responsibility as lying solely with top-quality products and in our commitment to animal protection but also with our employees, safeguarding our base in Germany and the future of our jobs, by not transferring production to countries where wages are low and also by giving our growth a future.

For these reasons we are a member of the: We produce Germany

We at 4cats proudly present our new product: the 4catsnip Toys

Catmint or catnip is a popular filling for cat toys as the plant is almost irresistible for most cats.

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Toys with a catnip filling are also perfectly suitable for distracting cats in situations, like the cat being in the cat box on the way to the vet's.