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Our 4cats Wildlife Range

4cats Wildlife Cat Wrestler
Wildlife Cat Wrestler

Simply wild – with our cuddly cat toys from our wildlife edition. Even small predators become wild hunters using those. Because of their robust manufacturing, these cuddly cat toys are the perfect choice for cats which like to run riot playing.

Filled with valerian or 4catsnip toys, they are made of attractive imitation animal fur. These will even withstand a good chew or attack with their claws.


Furthermore, the soft, easy to grab upper surface and of course the usual filling of pure natural valerian root or 4catsnip formula cry out to be cuddled and enjoyed. The manufacturing of and packing of our cat toys, with the exciting filling, is conducted entirely in Germany. So we are genuinely Made in Germany. Also, we do produce our toys to Oeko-Tex® 100 standards.