The scent of gingerbread is already wafting through the air and the festive season is just around the corner. And just like our loved ones, we want to give our fluffy friends a very special Christmas present to put under the tree. Our 4cats classics in beautiful, Christmassy fabric designs are the ideal gift for house tigers at Christmas and create a festive atmosphere in every cat household. These adorable cat toys will keep your cat entertained for hours and provide an extra dose of play and cuddling fun during the festive season.   


The 4cats Xmas collection - A fluffy celebration for house tigers! 


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The cuddly cushion with Christmas motifs is perfect for the festive season!

Banner 4cats Klassik Schmusekissen Haufen
Banner 4cats Klassik Schmusekissen einzeln


This festive cuddly cushion provides long-lasting sniffing and playing fun. Oh, merry, merry sniffing time! Thanks to the soft filling of cotton fleece and the practical size, it can be held between the paws, played with and licked or carried to an undisturbed place for cuddling.

Ho ho ho, what's that rustling sound?

Banner 4cats Klassik Raschelkissen einzeln
Banner 4cats Klassik Raschelkissen


When your house cat hears our big rustling cushion and the irresistible scent of valerian or 4catsnip wafts around his nose, he won't be able to keep his paws off it.

The delightful scent of Christmas – cat wrestler for happy cats!

Banner 4cats Klassik Spielrolle gereiht
Banner 4cats Klassik Spielrolle einzeln


The elves from the 4cats festive workshop have brought something very special: the large play roll from the Xmas collection to match the festive season. Beautiful Christmas motifs create a festive atmosphere.

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