Pamper your kitty with our high-quality cat toys, which are perfectly adapted to the individual needs of cats. Whether a practical cuddly cushion, robust cat wrestler or exciting rustling cushion – the 4cats classics are more than just a toy – they offer cats an enchanting play and cuddle experience!

Timeless classics, popular and tried and tested - our 4cats classic collection !

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Small but beautiful, with an irresistible aroma of valerian or 4catsnip, our catnip blend.

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The original 4cats cuddly cushion is a classic among cat toys and provides long-lasting sniffing and playing fun. Thanks to the hard-wearing outer cover of cotton fabric and the soft filling of moisture-regulating cotton fleece, it is particularly robust and can withstand even the wildest play sessions.

Our tried and tested natural fillings of either valerian or 4catsnip (catnip blend) provides an extra kick. This combination of high-quality materials and enticing scents makes the 4cats Cuddly Cushion an irresistible treat for every cat.

The cat toy with that little extra !

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Our herbal fillings are regularly tested for purity. The large 4cats Classic Rustling Cushion is a real hit with the pussycats. When the beguiling scent of valerian or 4catsnip (catnip blend) hits their nostrils, they can't keep their paws off it. The stimulating herbal filling and the additional rustling effect encourage the cats to play longer with their new favourite toy.

Not only is it suitable for playing and romping ...  Thanks to its generous size and soft filling, it can also be used as a comfy pillow for cosy catnaps. The Rustling Cushion is simply a delight for all cat senses!

Great fun for all cats !

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The large cat wrestler from the 4cats classic collection is an absolute must-have for all cat lovers! This fantastic play roll will delight both big and small pet tigers with its modern and colourful fabric designs. They are guaranteed to happily work the roll with all fours. And that's not all! For a special kick, we have filled the roll with high-quality valerian or our exclusive 4catsnip (catnip blend). This makes for an unforgettable experience for all cats!

But our generously sized roll is not only suitable for playing. It also invites lengthy cuddling sessions! It is especially suitable for large cat breeds such as Maine Coon or Norwegian Forest! The robust play roll also withstands intensive use. Thanks to the two-layer construction of hard-wearing outer fabric and an additional layer of quick-drying fleece, it is particularly hard-wearing and can withstand even the wildest claws and teeth.