Premium Range cat toys 4cats

Our best-selling toy designs are back in a new and improved premium design! Each of our classic designs has been carefully re-developed and now uses stronger and more tactile material.

The improved versions of our Rustling cushions, motive cushions and Cat Wrestlers all feature extra sturdy strings with tassels to provide your house tiger with extra fun and a natural outlet for their hunting instincts.

For extra safety the strings are stitched in forming a loop inside the fabric, this ensures that they won’t come lose even if a stronger cat pulls on them.

In addition to the extra fun for your cat the colour of the strings also provides an easy way to help you identify if the toy is filled with 4catsnip or valerian.

Our 4catsnip filled toys will use shades of green and blue for the strings. There as our valerian filled toys will be using shades of yellow, orange and white.

You are not yet familiar with our fillings? Take a look around.

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Watch a video of our new premium cat toys and see for yourself.

If your cats love our toys why not get in touch to send us some photos. We would be delighted to share your cats name and photos on Facebook and include them in our customer gallery.