Now things are getting whacky !

The 4cats CRAZY collection – cat toys in an absolutely crazy comic style !
The 4cats creative workshop have really let their imaginations run wild with these colourful fabric designs. All kinds of whimsical figures, characters, and symbols feature on our original fabric patterns. The unusual comic-style designs make these toys real eye-catchers and are sure to become every cat’s new favourite. But that’s not all! The characters that feature in the 4cats CRAZY collection not only appear on the fabric designs of our classic toys, but are available as separate, character-shaped cushions for ultimate play and cuddling fun.

These wacky cat toys are sure to delight both cats and their owners! The amusing comic motifs on the cushions are colourful, lively, and full of action! An absolute must-have for all crazy cat owners out there!


Cuddly Cushions / Rustling Cushions / Cat Wrestler

You can choose between natural valerian root or our specially developed, tried and tested catnip recipe, 4catsnip (catnip + Silver Vine). These natural aromas have a stimulating effect and encourage cats to play.

4cats cat toys are made from carefully selected materials that have been tested for harmful substances and are manufactured entirely in Germany. We also pack them in aroma-sealed packaging to preserve their freshness.

Coffee and cats -
the two big C's in life! 

4cats Crazy Coffee Einzelbild

A crazy cushion for playing and cuddling with a wonderfully fragrant herbal filling. The extra kick for tired house cats!

Soup for the soul, whiskers for the heart -
the perfect combination for cat lovers !

4cats Crazy Soup Einzelbild

Fun design filled with stimulating cat herbs. A crazy cushion for playing and cuddling with a wonderfully fragrant herbal filling.

Pizza lover meets cat lover — a love story
between cheese and cat hair.



4cats Crazy Pizza Einzelbild

A playful cat cushion, ideal for romping and cuddling. Fun design filled with stimulating cat herbs. Playtime fun guaranteed!

We do guarantee the best quality for all house tigers!

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