Beware! Monsters are on the loose at 4cats!

The 4cats MONSTER collection - fun for cats in monster form!

This unique series of cat toys was developed and produced with a lot of love at 4cats and is just the thing for all cat lovers who like colourful and playful themes.

These cat toys not only offer enchanting designs, but also great play and cuddling fun for fluffy monster hunters! In addition to our timeless 4cats classic toys in this new look, we have created fluffy, colourful plush monsters to offer a very special cuddling experience.

Natural indulgence:
Our cat toys are filled with natural valerian root or our special 4catsnip blend (catnip & silver vine). These scents enchant every cat!

Quality that pays off:
Made from high-quality, pollutant-tested fabrics, yarns and filling materials, our cat toys are not only durable but also safe.



4cats Monster Kollektion Produkte

Our popular 4cats classics have been given a stylish monster makeover and come in a new, colourful fabric design. Specially designed for different cat characters, there is something for every type of play!

The practical cuddly cushion is the classic cat toy that delights all house tigers. Our large rustling cushion is particularly exciting and thrilling for curious furry friends thanks to the additional crackling paper effect. We have created the robust play roll for wild house tigers who like to play rough with their claws and teeth.

Plush monster for fun cats!

4cats Monster gelb Einzelbild

The fluffy plush and the beguiling herbal scents make this cuddly monster the perfect hugging partner for cuddly furry friends!

Monster style for velvet paws!

4cats Monster grün

This little green monster has it all! Thanks to its practical size, the cuddly monster can be taken anywhere - whether on a discovery tour through the living room or for a cosy cuddle in the cat's bed.

Plush monster fun for cats!

4cats Monster Blau

The friendly plush monster is always on the lookout for new playmates and is sure to make every cat's heart beat faster.

We guarantee the best quality for all our house tigers !

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