Now we’re reaching for the stars and conquering space !

The brand-new galactic fabric designs of our 4cats classic toys feature the famous NASA logo as well as images of alien planets, rockets, and distant galaxies. Our curious Lucy is also joining the party to explore previously undiscovered expanses as a fluffy space traveller. But that’s not all! As a special highlight of the 4cats Space collection, there are also two new duo toys and a cat cushion — all in a cosmic space look. All fabric patterns and toy designs have been designed and developed by the creative minds of our 4cats design team with the greatest attention to detail. 


Cuddly Cushions / Rustling Cushions / Cat Wrestler

You can choose between natural valerian root or our specially developed, tried, and tested catnip recipe, the 4catsnip blend (catnip plus Silver Vine). These natural scents have a stimulating effect and encourage cats to play.

4cats cat toys are made from carefully selected materials that have been tested for harmful substances and are manufactured entirely in Germany. We also pack them in aroma-sealed packaging to preserve their freshness.

A cosmic adventure for house tigers !

Banner 4cats Space Rakete Einzelbild
Banner 4cats Rakete Impression

This fluffy rocket will whisk cats away to galactic worlds of playing and cuddling. Thanks to its robust outer fabric and first-class workmanship, the voluminous rocket can withstand even the wildest play sessions. With natural valerian root or beguiling 4catsnip (catnip and silver vine blend) on board, it guarantees ultimate playtime fun and enriches every cat's life. This spacey cat toy is truly out of this world!

Cosmic cuddly fun in a double pack !

Banner 4cats Space Couples Einzelbild
Banner 4cats SPACE Impression

The cosmic duo of a Rocket & Mars in a practical double pack will delight discerning cat lovers. Two celestial toys in different designs in one packet — perfect for spoiling two happy house tigers at once.

We guarantee the best quality for all our house tigers !

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