Zoo Enrichment Campaigns

Our Enrichment Work with Hamerton Zoo Park

We work with Zoos and wildlife parks such as Hamerton Zoo Park on enrichment campaigns to provide the resident wild cats and big cats with fun supersized versions of our cats toys.

Many owners already understand the alluring effect of valerian and catnip on their house cats but when people think of Tigers & Lions they often think of vicious hunters that are not much into playing with toys. However, this is totally wrong, just like small feline companions big cats are very playful and intelligent - the only difference being that a playful swipe of their paws could cause more than a mere scratch to us humans.

And like house cats, they need to be entertained! For this reason, we developed supersized versions of many of our popular cat toys. These supersized versions are made of strong sisal rope and coloured with vegetable juice such as beetroot to ensure that they are not toxic to the big cats. The toys are filled with a mix of hay and cat attract such as valerian in order to be of interest to the big cats.

These toys are provided by us free of charge as part of our efforts to support conservation projects of endangered species of wild cats and provide Zoos such as Hamerton Zoo Park not just with a great toy for their big cats to play with but also a visitor attraction as many people can simply not believe how much fun these big cats have with their toys.

What many people don't realise is that the use of cat attract goes back hundreds of years as it's been used to lure Tigers and Lions long before the pet industry started using it for the toys of house cats

Watch a video of our large Tiger Toys in action!