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Our cuddly toys provide long-lasting sniffing and playing fun. The soft fillings with valerian or 4catsnip (catnip blend) and the different sizes mean there is something for every cat’s preference. They can be taken between the paws, played with, and licked. They can also be taken to an undisturbed place for cuddling, where your cat can enjoy the stimulating scent of valerian or 4catsnip in peace and quiet.

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Both our fillings have a special effect on cats. In addition to cuddly cushions, our range includes various products such as rustling cushions, cat wrestlers, hearts and more.
Every product is available filled with valerian or 4catcnip (own catnip blend).
Both scents have a stimulating effect on cats and awaken the play instinct in them.

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Every new batch of herbs is checked at regular intervals by independent laboratories for microbiological purity and harmful substances. This way, we guarantee that only pure materials that meet our high standards are used in production.
Our toys do not contain any tinctures, alcohol or ingredients that could be harmful to the health of animals, or their human can openers.

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We only use natural, dried plants as play-enhancing ingredients. We do not use any adhesives, metal parts or other components that could fall off and be swallowed. In addition, we rely on selected raw materials that have been tested for harmful substances and robust, durable, and safe workmanship Made in Germany. We only use those with the highest standards as product testers for our cuddly toys: our own cats!


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We use only the pure, natural root of the true valerian (Valeriana officinalis) plant. The roots of the plant contain a high concentration of the essential oils. Our company, 4cats Heimtierbedarf GmbH, has been using the same formula for over 30 years. Why change what is good and proven?


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We fill our cat toys with the specially developed and tested catnip mixture - 4catsnip. As well as containing natural catnip (Nepeta cataria) we add Silver vine (Actinidia polygama). This second ingredient is from an Asian climbing plant and has a particularly stimulating effect on cats.

Cat toys filled with Valerian or 4catsnip

We at 4cats Heimtierbedarf are one of the leading producers of cat toys worldwide. We take great pride in providing our customers with outstanding quality and genuine Made in Germany products. In addition to careful processing and cat-friendly design, we only use selected raw materials. All products have 4catsnip (our own catnip mix) or valerian fillings.
Robustness and product safety for our purring customers is extremely important to us. For this reason, we only use materials tested for harmful substances for our cuddly toys and source all raw materials used as locally as possible. Our products are developed and manufactured completely in Stolberg near Aachen at the Belgian & Dutch border. From here, we also do ship worldwide.
In addition to our efforts to offer you and your cat customers high-quality, safe, and attractive pet toys, we are also committed to animal welfare. We regularly make in-kind donations to numerous regional, national, and international animal welfare projects and animal shelters.


4cats Heimtierbedarf GmbH in Stolberg (Rhld.) near Aachen
4cats Heimtierbedarf GmbH in Stolberg (Rhld.) near Aachen, Germany.

Highest care during production

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We deliberately avoid using organic material as the main fillings in our cat toys. The fillings we use therefore do not harbour germs, nor do they provide a suitable breeding ground for mites or mold.
We do not use any metal or plastic parts in the production of our Valerian and 4catsnip toys; nor do we use glue or parts which could fall off or be swallowed. And, of course, we do not use real animal fur in any of our toys!
Numerous well-known pet retailers trust in our products and sell them very happily and successfully to their customers. Our satisfied customers include almost all well-known pet shop chains and chain shops, as well as veterinary clinics and many independent retail shops in the pet supplies sector.



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Cat toy with valerian or 4catsnip (catnip)

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Our cuddly toys are made of cotton fabric and provide for long-lasting sniffing and play pleasure. With various different shapes and sizes and two fillings to chose from (valerian or 4cats own blend of catnip - 4catsnip) there is something for every cat. They fit perfectly between your cat's paws so they can be carried to a place where they can play, lick or cuddle them undisturbed while enjoying the stimulating aroma of valerian or 4catsnip.

As well as cuddly cushions, our range includes various products such as “rustling cushion”, “ cat wrestler“ and more. All are available in either valerian or 4catsnip versions. Both “flavours” have a stimulating effect on cats and arouse their playfulness.

Whether cuddling, playing, carrying or licking our valerian or 4catsnip toys are the perfect choice to get your cat excited.

Valerian toys and 4catsnip toys

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We at 4cats are the leading producer of valerian toys worldwide and are very keen to provide our customers with valerian and 4catsnip toys of the highest quality. In addition to our cat-compatible design, careful processing and the use of selected raw materials, the safety of our purring customers is very important to us. For this reason, we only use materials that have been certified as non-harmful for our cuddly toy. Thus, almost all of our fabrics, all our yarns and the wool fleece partially contained in the valerian toys are Oeko-Tex 100® certified.
Our products are produced and packaged exclusively in Stolberg, Germany. From there they are distributed across Germany, within Europe and to other destinations around the world such as Asia.

Maximum care in production

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We are careful to limit the filling of our toys to what is strictly necessary. The filling materials, cotton wool and polystyrene beads used are bacteria free and resistant to mites and moulds. We do not use metal or plastic parts when manufacturing our high-quality valerian toys and 4catsnip toys. No adhesives or parts that can drop off and be swallowed are used. In addition, we do not use real fur in our products.

Numerous well-known pet retailers around the world already trust our products and enthusiastically sell them to their customers. Our satisfied retailers include well-known pet trade chains and chain stores as well as numerous veterinarians, animal clinics, pet retail stores and many online shops around the world.

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In addition to our efforts to provide you and your cats with high-quality, safe and attractive cuddly toys, we are also committed to animal protection and regularly donate donations to numerous regional, national and international animal protection projects and animal shelters.

Any slight seconds from our production process fare passed on – free of charge - for use in animal protection. We also support animal welfare organisations and animal shelters with feed and other donations in kind.

Do you have questions about our toys or their production? Feel free to contact us via the contact form or call us directly!

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