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No matter whether big, small, old, young, pedigree or moggy, be it a lively predator or a quiet purrinator - our cuddly toys are filled with either valerian or our specially developed catnip (4catsnip) your cat will find them irresistible.

Toys for house tigers

Among our selection, you will find exclusive toys that will give you and your tiger lots of enjoyment. These include our valerian toys and the exclusive 4catsnip toys. If you want to make your cat happy, then our high-quality cuddly cay toys for cats filled with valerian or 4catsnip catnip are just the right thing. From cute stuffed toys to extremely robust ones able to withstand the most active play, we offer a wide variety of different products to suit all your cats' needs.

Our toys are filled with our own special in-house developed formula of catnip (4catsnip) or with valerian.

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4cats cuddly toys: valerian toys and 4catsnip toys

Both fillings have a very special effect on cats. Both valerian and 4catsnip have a stimulating effect on cats that will entice to be more playful. Even older cats seems to regain a new lease of life. The reactions of cats include ecstatic playing, intense licking and ardent rubbing on the toy. Also many cats, which do not normally react to toys, have quite a reaction to both our valerian and 4catsnip toys.

As a long-time producer of cat toys, we have used our years of experience to develop our very own blend of catnip: we call it 4catsnip. Catnip is a very popular filling for cat toys, since it is an irresistible attraction to most cats. Additionally, it is also perfectly suited to distract cats in stressful situations such as when visiting the vet.

Cuddly toys for wild house tigers

4cats are the world's leading producer of stuffed cat toys and strive to provide our customers with excellent products in both valerian and catnip versions. Our items are handmade, filled and packaged in Germany. In the case of our valerian toys, the same, unchanged, formulation has been used for more than 30 years.

Our cuddly toys in both valerian or 4catsnip are the highest quality, versatile, safe and proven. You can learn more about the production process here.

EezyEat4Pets-Pet Airs: The collar for animal patients

We love animals and try everything to make a happy and stress-free life possible for them.With this in mind, we have expanded our product range with a very important and useful product. A collar for animal patients which makes the animals as comfortable as possible. Problems with feeding, overheating and a limited perception are solved by the EezyEat4Pets-Pet Airs collar. Further information can be found here.

4cats Blog: Great Cat Toys and Cat Health Topics

In our blog we cover health and advice, fun stories and reviews that customers send us! Check it out today or get in touch with us if you'd like to submit content to our blog.

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Manufacturing of 4cats cuddly toys is done exclusively within Germany

Our cuddly toys, filled with valerian or with 4catsnip, are designed with love at our company's facility based in Stolberg where they are hand-crafted and then placed in sealed packaging to preserve their potency.
We eschew the use of any adhesives, metal parts or other dangerous components.

Our careful manufacturing process uses only selected, certified pollutant-free, raw materials.

This results in a robust, long-life, product which is free of adhesives, plastics, metal parts or components that could detach and be swallowed.

Best quality and safety for your ”house tiger”

We have the most demanding product testers for our cuddly toys: our own cats! All toys are thoroughly tested by them at home. Only if they give their "Ok" are the toys put into production and then made available on the market.

Our responsibility for animals and people

We see our responsibility not only in high-quality production and a commitment to animal welfare, but also in taking responsibility for our employees. By choosing to base production in Germany and not shifting to low-wage countries, we ensure our current jobs and those of future generations.

Treat your feline companion to our 4cats cuddly toys with valerian or catnip and they will be forever grateful.