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We produce "best of class" own brands, according to your needs and wishes
- for a range that will delight both your customers and their cats.
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Benefit from our range of certifications and affix them to your own brand!
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This seal of quality for products has now become a brand and symbolises top quality worldwide. But for us, "Made in Germany" is not just a seal we place on our toys, it is what we live and what we stand for. We produce our cat toys in Stolberg which provides jobs for our region. From the development and design of our products and their packaging to the cutting of the fabrics, to the filling and sewing,

some steps are supported by semi-automatic equipment, while others are still carried out by hand. Carefully sealed to preserve the aroma, our products leave the warehouse and set off on their journey around the world to make many cats and their owners happy. From design to cutting to packaging, we make no compromises. Only when it is "Made in Germany" inside, does it have "Made in Germany" on the outside.

our 4 unique selling points


Our high-calibre product development team, consisting of fashion and product designers, brings many years of experience and unique skills to meet your individual requirements.
We create new ideas and concepts, from the initial proposal to the creation of our own fabric designs and patterns, to researching possible materials and production processes.
Here, creativity is given free rein. Equipped with the latest technology, our design department creates new and innovative products in the field of cat toys.

In our fully equipped, in-house prototype workshop, the first drafts are implemented and then improved and perfected in an ongoing process until the product is finalised. Our in-house marketing team, consisting of experienced media designers and creative copywriters, will design individual product presentations and advertising measures for you on request.
You too can benefit from our many years of experience in the pet industry and the passion and creativity of the staff here at 4cats - for a tailor-made product concept, entirely according to your specifications.


Branding and design are customisable.

4cats Schmusekissen Musterprodukt private label

The cuddly cushion is the classic among our cat toys and provides long-lasting sniffing and playing fun. The robust outer fabric and the high-quality workmanship with double seams, stitched with hard-wearing yarn, provide additional tear resilience. All fabrics and yarns meet the international Oeko-Tex® standards.  The cuddly cushion impresses with its perfect size and moisture-regulating filling of wadded fleece. This not only ensures a pleasant feel on the paws, but is also resistant to fungi and bacteria.


Branding and design are customisable.

4cats RASCHELKISSEN Musterprodukt private label

The stimulating herbal filling appeals to their sense of smell, while the FSC® crackling paper inside provides a fascinating sound experience. Each cushion cover is lovingly made from  hard-wearing fabrics and yarns certified to Oeko-Tex® standards, then filled and carefully closed by hand.


Branding and design are customisable.

4cats Futterbeutel Musterprodukt private label

Developed to withstand fierce kitty claws and teeth, the cat wrestler has a particularly robust design. The carefully sewn outer shell, made of hard-wearing fabric, helps to give long-lasting playtime fun. The robustness is reinforced by an additional inner layer of quick-drying fleece. This reinforcement not only provides additional durability, but also helps to dry the toy quicker after playtime.  Each wrestler is manufactured with precision. The sewn outer cover is turned inside out and filled with carefully selected materials. The final stitching is done  by hand to ensure a high-quality finished product.


Shape and design are customisable.

4cats Futterbeutel Musterprodukt private label

Our unstuffed cat toys are cut from two layers of softcoat and one layer of fleece using precise laser technology. This automated cutting technique not only ensures a precise shape, but also gives smooth, fray-resistant edges. The accurate machine stitching greatly reduces the risk of the herbal fillings leaking out. The soft outer fabric offers a particularly pleasant feel and ensures a comfortable playing experience. Thanks to this innovative production method, a wide variety of shapes are possible.


Shape and design are customisable.

4cats Futterbeutel Musterprodukt private label

The two layers of material of the stuffed cat toys are cut using the latest CO2 laser technology. This results in soft, non-fraying edges. The hard-wearing cases are produced by an automated process using high precision sewing machines. They are then filled with fluffy material and stimulating cat herbs through an opening in the seam. After careful filling, the final step takes place: the seam is carefully closed by hand. Thanks to this innovative production method, many shapes are possible.


Shape and design are customisable.

4cats Futterbeutel Musterprodukt private label

This stuffed cat toy is manufactured with the utmost care and precision, starting with the use of fully automated laser cutting technology giving smooth non-fraying edges. The case is skillfully turned inside out so that the seam is on the inside and therefore invisible externally. In a final, loving step, the play cushion is filled and carefully sewn to provide unrivalled playtime fun for cats. Thanks to this innovative production method, numerous different shapes are possible.


Shape and design are customisable.

Do you sell cat food in pouches or tins, or cat litter in bags?
If so, these variations of our unstuffed cat toys are the ideal way to expand your range to suit your core business!

Whether as a gift for loyal customers or as a new attraction in your product range, these cuddly toys for cats enrich your product range and strengthen your brand image. We take care of the design for you, completely in line with your ideas and corporate identity!

Individually manufactured to a high standard and filled with the stimulating aromas of valerian or 4catsnip (catnip & silver vine), they are an absolute must-have in every cat playroom. Give your customers and their beloved four-legged friends a treat and keep your brand in the game.


Cats are curious and playful by nature.

By attaching more accessories to the toy, the cat is encouraged to further engage with it and thus provide an extra portion of fun. In addition, the cat toy is visually upgraded, and it becomes even more original and of higher quality.


The high-quality, sewn-in label is an additional eye-catcher and can be printed with a customised slogan or your logo in printed, monochrome black.


Playful cords made of sturdy cotton fibre are a real eye-catcher and provide additional, colourful play fun.


Branding and design are flexible.

4cats topseller: The plastic packet with insert

This product is packed in an aroma-sealed transparent plastic packet. The paper insert can be printed individually and on both sides. The back of the insert is ideal for displaying a multilingual product description.


Branding and design are flexible.

4cats NEW : The printed plastic packet

This packaging is particularly resource-saving, since no separate paper insert is needed.
The bag can be custom printed and on both sides. The outer fabric of the cat toy can be clearly seen through a viewing window. This can be variously positioned and is adaptable to the design.


Branding and design are flexible.

We rely on tray packaging as a retail-friendly packaging solution. The width corresponds to the industry standard tray dimensions. The packaging is therefore ideally suited for placement in all common shelf systems. Advantage: An appealing product presentation and improved visibility due to the additional branding option of the packaging.