Discover the fascinating world of 4cats Nature Line – a source of pure play and cuddling fun for house cats. This unique collection was developed with the aim of stimulating cats' natural hunting and play instincts in a very special way and to provide them with lasting entertainment. The toys in our Nature-Line collection captivate with a simple yet engaging design, that will delight every cat lover.

Our Nature-Line is a series of cat toys in natural and simple geometric designs. Available as a practical square, smart pyramid, or robust rectangle.

4cats Nature Line - natürlich nachhaltig

Each Nature Line cat toy is made from robust, untreated 100% cotton fabric. The generously filled cushions contain fluffy cotton combs – a natural and environmentally friendly option. This special filling is a by-product of the textile industry and is therefore very sustainable. There is a choice between natural, pure valerian root or our own specially developed, tried and tested catnip recipe, 4catsnip. The natural aromas of these herbs have a stimulating effect and encourage cats to play longer with the toys.

4cats Nature Line - natürlich nachhaltig

It doesn’t stop there. An absolute highlight for house tigers are the real guinea fowl feathers that are attached to the toys. They underline the natural design and ensure carefree playing and cuddling fun. Kitties are magically attracted to the feathers. All 4cats cat toys are made from carefully selected materials that have been tested for harmful substances and are manufactured entirely in Germany. They are also packed in aroma-sealed packaging to preserve their freshness. This is how we guarantee the best quality for all house tigers!